Merry Christmas

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Mom is progressing very well since her knee surgery.  I take her tomorrow for tests and a check up regarding her bladder cancer.  The house is in its last stages of being ready.  It won’t be long until we will be moving in!

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  • email addresses while at hospital

    shirleyfread@ charlenefread@
  • Address and phone numbers

    Arkansas Surgical Hospital 5201 Northshore Drive North Little Rock, AR 72118 501-748-8000 Charlene's Cell 870-946-9379 If I don't answer, leave a message and we'll call you back
  • Arkansas Surgical Hospital Directions

    From I-430 take the Maumelle Exit 12. If you are on I-430 North you need to get in the very right hand lane as you go to exit the hospital. Take a right on Crystal Hill road and a very quick right on North Shore Drive. Follow that road as it weaves around a school and several businesses. As you go along the road you will see a tall glass building in the distance. (That is not the hospital) but the hospital is right in front of the glass building. 501-748-8000
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    1:45 Mom had pt this afternoon and she walked to the door of the room and back as well as her streching . bending, and pulling on the leg. Look like it hurt to me!! Friday, 11/16/07 The nurses tried to get mom up to go to the bathroom but she became dizzy so they laid her back down. The Physical therapist has been in, but it was just after Mom had been sick and she was in quite a bit of pain. He hit her button for her and said "i'll be back". I got Mom out of her hospital gown and into a pair of her pj's and gave her a couple of my feather pillows for her head and I got her to raise up enough to for me to get one of them the part of the way down her back. She had clean sheets, clean PJ's, fearther pillows and she said "that feels so gooo snnore, phrrh, snore, phrrh so she had a nice nap. 11/16/07 9:54 The PT nurse came in and they are going to get Mom up out of the bed and into a chair. I'm going shopping for a while. 9:40 Mom is running a slight fever 100.1, which is not uncommon for the type of procedure she had done. The nurses are going to be taking her temp more often tonight, and will treat with extra medicine if her temp goes to 100.8. she still is resting very well and is very alert when she wakes up. This will be my last post for the night and I will post here tomorrow morning. 7:30 Dr Ken Martin came in a few minutes ago and is very pleased with how all is going. I've got lots of things to add, and will be adding them as I can. I thought I would have more time, but everytime I get started a nurse, resp ther, phys ther or aide comes in, or mom wants something. I'm not complaining, this hospital is so very nice...its' like staying in a hotel that has a two room suite. 6:00pm Mom was able to eat some food, and is holding it down. Her respiratory theraposit came in and mom had forgotten that she was suppose to blow that ball up every hour so I have it down on my calendar on my phone because I know how important it is...just noticed, her's doesn't have a ball, she just has these blue pieces to blow up to a certian mark. 3:52 the physical therapists came in and is going to get Mom up on the side of the bed, maybe even more. Once mom sat on the side of the bed she became nauseous again and had to lay back down, 3:24 Mom was awake for several minutes and drank some diet coke but went back to sleep. Her coloring is looking really goo. 1:53 Mom is sleeping well in her room. She has hef leg hooked up to a CMA( a thingy that continuly moves her leg that she had surgery on. She is sleeping very good after a dose of pain medicine. A nurse just came to take some blood and mom woke up to get some blood from her and she's drowsey but didn't take another pain hit. She can hit a button and get extra boost of her pain meds as well as a constinous drip. 12:25 Mom has been moved to room 105. The movement of moving her from the recovery room to her room made her stomach a little upset, but overall she is doing great. 10:43 I just spoke with the nurse that is Mom's nurse in the recovery room. Mom is doing great! She woke up for just a momment or two and went back to sleep. She is sleeping well on her own the nurse said. She will be in recovery room a little longer, only because they are waiting for a room to move her into. There are several empty rooms where people left this morning but they are being cleaned. 9:12 At 9 My hospital beeper went off and we were taken to a room to wait for Dr Martin. The surgery went "textbook", no change in her heart rate or blood pressure stayed steady throught out. She will be in recovery room for 1 to 2 hours and then they will call us back to her room. 8:38 We have not heard anything yet. It was my understanding that they would let us know when surgery began but I am being to think the nurse told me they would let me know when the surgery wass over. 8:18 We are still wating to hear they have started the surgery. 8:07 Mom was taken back into surgery about 7:45. R0bbie and Dad barely got to see she before she went back. Aunt Sissie and Uncle Eddie missed her by 2 or 3 minutes. I will update this as I find out things.
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  • Surgery Date

    Mom will have surgery on Thursday, November 15, 2007 and the surgery time is somewhere around 8 am. Dr Ken Martin will be doing the surgery. Dr Barry Baskin is her medical doctor
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    I'll read Shirley the answers that people send in. I'll keep a graph of her rankings and I'll post the winners and runner ups several days later. You can still enter a meme even if it is past the day the meme was posted. I will post the answers that people send in as I can, you can put your answers in the comments section, or reply to the email where I sent the daily meme and update out. You do not have to answer all of the questions to be eligible to play. If you are not on the mailing list or know someone who would like to be on the list, send me their email address to If you would like to be taken off of the daily meme and update list, let me know and I will remove you from the email list. There will be prizes awarded at different times throughout Mom's Journey of "Off with the old knee, On with the New House".

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